3 Best Gacha Games For Android and iOS

Mobile Gacha games are monetized via randomized virtual goodies, similar to loot boxes in console games. However, in mobile games, the loot is random and entirely controlled by the game. This means that the rewards aren't looted, but rather are generated from the choices a player makes within the gameplay. 

There's not a lot of incentive to try and collect everything, and much of the appeal of loot box mechanics is because the player can choose to "grab" what they want, rather than the developers deciding what to give them in the first place. 

When it comes to the mobile market, this can be an advantage over the console market. As the name suggests, the benefits of mobile are not all about the "game".

Top 3 Best Gacha Games :

Epic Seven

Gacha Games

And the seventh world has begun ... The goddess of life, Disi, has summoned all her declining powers. 

 And she gave shape to her covenant keeper and heirs. "My children, I entrust you with this world." 

 ● Extensive and fascinating story 

 A modern epic. We invite you to the 7th world. 

 ● Fully playable 2D animation 

 Stunning skill animation in battle!  2D cutscene quality 

 animated graphics! 

 ● Raid Maze 

 In the depths of Maze, the ancient queen awakens. Hunt monsters with great rewards. 

 ● PvP Arena  Who will achieve glory and victory in the 

 Arena? Show the world a unique 

 strategy each season! 

 ● In the name of the guild and glory! 

 A guild battle full of fierce 3v3 battles begins!  Join forces with 

 guild members to become the strongest guild! 

 ● World Boss mode is now available! 

 The bosses of the world have awakened! 


 16 heroes in epic battles! 

 ● World Arena is now available! 

 Fight players from all over the world in real-time. 

 Challenge your fellow heirs and prove your strength! Try it now!

Another Eden Global

Gacha Games

Rich, immersive console-quality content optimized for mobile devices 
 ・ A modern yet classic RPG that transcends time and space 
 ・ Ancient, present, and future epics by Masato Kato (Chrono Trigger) of the storyteller 
 ・ Over 60 original soundtracks by orchestra and folk instruments, including the main theme of Yasunori Mitsuda


Gacha Games

Simple and intuitive gameplay based on the 2D side-scrolling concept of the ideal naval battle game and Azur Lane 

That you have always imagined. Organize up to 6 ships into a team and extinguish the enemy's fire! !! 

・ Manual battle with AI is possible. Please choose the one you like! 
・ Build your own fleet. Azur Lane offers a wide variety of warships from around the world. With more than 300 ships, each has unique statistics and is represented by beautiful characters! 

・ Live2D interactive technology 
 is available for some characters

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