How to Link Aadhar With Driving License Online

 Aadhar card is an important document nowadays. Aadhar is a must-have ID for all Indian citizens. In that sense, it is possible to have a driver's license. All the details of a person are available by linking the driving license with the support.

 A driving license will be issued by the Department of Road Transport in the respective State or Union Territory. Buy OK In this post we will learn how to link a driver's license online with Aadhaar.

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Required Documents:

Driving license

Aadhar card

How to Link Aadhar With Driving License Online:

Go to the official website of your state Department of Transportation to link the driving license with the sponsor. Then click on Link Aadhaar and then on Driving License.

How to attach the driving license to Aadhaar?

Then in the Select Search Element, select the License. Then enter the number in your driver's license in entering a license number. Enter the number and click Get Details. After that check your details given.

Driving License Link With Aadhar Card Online:

Then fill in your Aadhar number and phone number below and fill in your Aadhar number and phone number (the phone number should be linked with the Aadhar number) and give ‘Submit’. Now the OTP will come to your phone number. If you register it, your driving license and proof will be attached. You will be notified whether or not you are affiliated with the Aadhaar driving license.


How to Link Aadhar With Driving License Online: This will prevent the formation of a fake driving license. Accidents or dangerous situations can be a little easier to identify.

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