SIPPO New Project | Free vocational training and 20 lakh self - employment loan

 Free Vocational Training 2022: - 

Hello everyone who wants to start their own business In this post Government of India and the Government of Tamil Nadu has jointly created the Small Business Product Promotion Organization (SIPPO). This institute provides all the training and advice for starting an agro-based business. Then NABARD provides loans with subsidies through Bank. Let's read some details about it now to buy.

SIPPO New Project | Free vocational training


Purpose of the scheme: 

The scheme is implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Central Government to enable agricultural trainees to start their own businesses and through them impart techniques to the farmers. The scheme will encourage agri-based entrepreneurs. Its main objectives are to provide better training and advice to agro-based entrepreneurs.

Who can apply for this scheme?

Graduates of Diploma in Agriculture can apply for this SIPPO Business Loan as it is training to start a business related to agriculture. Bachelor of Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Environment, Agricultural Engineering, Degree in Silk Cultivation and Agriculture, Diploma, Class 12, and Agricultural Certificate are eligible to apply. 

Training Duration: 

45 days of training for agricultural trainees. Food, lodging, and training books are free during this training. As well as prepare all project reports for obtaining a bank loan during this training. 

How Much Credit Will Be Assisted? 

The maximum bank loan is Rs. 20 lakh each will be given to those who complete the training on a merit basis. 

How much subsidy is given? 

NABARD provides 44 percent subsidy for women, SC and ST category, and 36 percent for other categories. How To Get Mudra Business Loan For Small Business? 

Age Eligibility: 

The minimum age of persons eligible to apply is 18 years and the maximum age is 60 years. 

Note: - Anyone with agricultural education qualification can benefit by attending this self-employment training. For complete details on this announcement, visit the official website Thank you and goodbye.

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